Sonic® 101

SONIC is different form other restaurants. The choices on our menu are nearly endless. And the service? We let you order at your own pace. "Friendly and fast" is our motto 0 and our Carhops provide just that. Browse through our SONIC 101 section to learn about ordering and the possibilities our menu offers. 



Drive up to one of our restaurants and read the meny at your own speed. SONIC's menu adds something new every month, but there are always all-day breakfast items and 168,894 drink choices. 


Step 1: Park

Pull into the stall of your choice. As long as it's empty. 


Step 1: Browse

Look at the menu with your eyes. Listen with your stomach.


Step 3: Press

Press the red button and ignite a chain reaction of delicious proportions. 


Step 4: Receieve 

Like an 8-wheeled human good chariot, a carhop delivers your food to the driver's side window...with a side of smiles. 


Step 5: Pay

Pay cash to your carhop or pay with a credit card or debit card at the stall. 


Step 6: Enjoy

This is when you eat and enjoy the company of people also eating. (Repeat as needed)