SONIC Drive In was founded by Troy Smith and was originally named "Top Hat Drive In." It began in 1953 as a hamburger and root beer stand in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Troy intruduced a unique use of curbside speakers that allowed guests to place food orders from their cars and have their foor delivered by a friendly skating caphop. 


The SONIC name came from Troy Smith. He wanted a name that would reflet his belief that guests should receive quality food, served fast and friendly. "At the Speed of Sound!" Troy found the perfect name; "Sonic". The word Sonic is defined as "At the Speed of Sound" or as Troy would define it "Service at the Speed of Sound!" It was Troy's strong belief in outstanding guest service and going the extra mile that set SONIC apart from the other restaurants for years and continues to do so today. 


Why Skating Carhops?


In the 1930's, the drive-in concept was the new rage with the waitresses and waiters or "Carhops" as they were known delivering food directly to your car. The name "Carhop" came from the practice of jumping on the runing board of a parton's car as they rolled into the parking lot. When Troy Smith put every carhop on skates, things hanged to make his SONIC Drive-In even more unique. Skating soon became part of the SONIC culture and the SONIC experience. 


When Troy Smith started SONIC Drive-Ins so many years ago, he truly believed that "Every one of our guests was worth a mint". A mint of hold; So providing each guest a mint is a gesture and a reminder of the importace of each and every guest.